Afro-Zonke Group is a group complex with diversified businesses of chemical companies that covers wide range of unique chemicals solutions. The group consists of five subsidiaries namely: Afro-Zonke Chemicals, Minacca Technologies, Alkiechem, Zontech Chemicals, and Groupotech.

Chemical Services and Model

Afro-Zonke Group provides chemicals solutions through toll blending services, contract manufacturing, raw materials conversion, technical solutions, plant audits, research and development and chemicals trading.


Each business unit offers a unique and diversified solutions to the market space. The combined group through its respective subsidiaries offers chlor-alkali products, mineral processing chemicals, cold mixing products, specialty chemicals, CIP Chemicals, households’ detergents, water treatment chemicals, industrial & process chemicals, surfactants, fuel technology and recycle solutions.

Our Subsidiaries

Cold Mixing, Industrial and Specialty Chemicals

Bentonite Granulation GTS

Activated Carbon, Sulphur Granulation

Cold Mixing, Industrial and Specialty Chemicals

Chlor-alkali Plant
CIP Chemicals

Surfactants & H2O2, Industrial Chemicals

Clients & Partners