Alkiechem, the 3rd subsidiary of Afro-Zonke Group is working with international technology giant, EPC to commission a chlor-alkali plant in Gauteng Province, the MidvaalKliprivier Business Park, as part of its phase one industrial complex.
The intended plant design capacity is 50 000 DMT per annum and will produce the following core products: Caustic Lye, Chlorine, Industrial HCI, Food Grade Carbon Dioxide, Calcium Chloride, and Sodium Hypochlorite.

  • NaOH, Caustic Lye
  • Industrial HCI
  • Food Grade CO2
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Sodium Hypochlorite

The plant’s scheduled commissioning date is Q4 FY 2025, with beneficiary operation taking place in Q1 FY2026. Chlorine produced will either be sold to market as gas or converted to its derivatives. Alkiechem strategy is to expand to 100 000 DMT per annum in the near future which will form part of phase two of the industrial complex.