About Us

Afro-Zonke Group is a group complex with diversified businesses of chemical companies that covers wide range of unique chemicals solutions,. The group consists of five subsidiaries namely: Afro-Zonke Chemicals, Minacca Technologies, Alkiechem, Zontech Chemicals, and Groupotech.

The Company Group provides chemicals solutions through toll blending services, contract manufacturing, raw materials conversion, technical solutions, plant audits,, research and development and chemicals trading.

Each business unit offers a unique and diversified solutions to the market space. The combined group through its respective subsidiaries offers chlor-alkali products, mineral processing chemicals, cold mixing products,, specialty chemicals, , CIP Chemicals, households’ detergents, water treatment chemicals, industrial & process chemicals, surfactants, fuel technology and recycle solutions.

The Afro-Zonke Group Complex provides total chemical solutions by taking challenges from the market and provide tailor made process and chemical solutions.

Amongst the five subsidiaries both Afro-Zonke Chemicals  and Groupotech are fully operational, and their distribution network covers South Africa, SADC region and Sub-Saharan Africa region. Alkiechem, Zontech Chemicals and Minacca Technologies are all preparing for Detailed Engineering Design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Plant Commissioning and Beneficiary Operation.


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